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Kidney/liver/Urine diseases

Ayurveda calls it 'Vrikkrogadhikarah'/'Mootrarogadhikarah'. Just read our blogs in the blog section to understand the extremity of Ayurveda to understand a Chronic Kidney Patient.

Diabetes & linked diseases

Ayurveda is the complete solution for Diabetics & concerning diseases.It was sectioned under 'Pramehrogadhikarah' around 2000 years back .

Veneral/Sexual diseaes

Under the section of 'Yaunrogadhikarah'/'Bajikaranroga dhikarah' we proceed with a very differentiated approach for such Patients.
Just read our blog for this.

Orthopaedics/Pain management

When you contact us for treatement of any Muscular,bone linked pain we connect it with the section of 'Vaatrogadhikarah' or 'Asthirogadhikarah


These diseases are categorised under 'Hridyarogadhikarah'.The patients are benefitted tremendously when our instructions - are followed


Patients suffering from Neurological diseases are categorised under 'Manasrogadhikarah' or 'Shirorogadhikarah' or 'Apasmarrogadhikarah'

Our Mission

To provide core level Ayush treatment to the Kidney, liver & other chronic Patients using the best & easiest Pallatable format of Oral medication through Ayurveda & its other streams. To impart awareness against the wrong unethical practices in Ayush treatment through our blogs & other Audio-visual means.

आयुर्वेद असर करता देर से बहुत बड़ी है भ्रांति, आयुर्वेद है सुरक्षित और त्वरित असरकारक लानी है ये क्राँति।।